3 Ways To Make a Memorial Urn Special and Unique

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Alecia Milano
Posted by Alecia Milano on February 6, 2024

Over five decades ago, the cremation rate in the U.S. was below 5%—today, it’s above 60%. 

As traditional burials become less common, families continue to search for different ways to memorialize and honor their loved ones. Finding a unique cremation urn is a great place to start. Additionally, it's essential to position memorial urns in a spot that becomes a focal point for family and friends to gather and pay tribute to the departed. 

For individuals seeking a personalized memorial, we've compiled various creative ways to celebrate your loved one's cremated remains. 

1. Customized Memorial Urns

After experiencing the loss of a loved one, many individuals find solace in honoring them by preserving their cremated remains in a vessel known as a memorial urn. Unique cremation urns provide a safe and intimate way to keep your loved one’s cremated remains and memory close, no matter where life takes you. 

0124 - urns

These containers are available in a variety of shapes and designs, giving you the flexibility to make an unusual cool cremation urn. You can personalize them through: 

  • Personalized laser engravings of peaceful inscriptions and decorative designs that capture the passions, interests or personality of your loved one. Not sure what to write on an urn? Click here.
  • Different materials like wood, ceramic, marble, glass, bronze and steel.
  • Various styles such as religious cremation urns with scenes and words relating to the spiritual realm or veteran memorial urns with military emblems.
  • Accompanying statues or plaques with sentimental messages engraved on them.

Cremation Urns - Shelves

For more inspiration, visit our gift shop to take a look at some of the cremation urns we have on display in our Cleveland showroom. 

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2. Recessed Urns

Another way to honor your loved one's life is through a recessed urn. In the past, cremated remains were stored in memorial urns and displayed either in homes or a columbarium. 

Granite Rock - Recessed Urn Cremation Memorial

Unlike traditional practices, a recessed urn is not kept in a home. Instead, the cremated remains are placed directly inside a granite memorial, which is then placed in a cemetery, garden or another meaningful location.  

By simply boring a hole in the granite, we can place the urn inside the memorial and seal it. This method not only brings a unique, personalized aspect to the memorial, but it also creates a lasting site for family and friends to pay tribute to their loved one for years to come. 

Consider the following recessed urns to add a personalized touch to your loved one’s cremated remains. 

Personalized Monuments and Columbariums 

Monuments and columbariums are larger than other types of memorials, like lawn-level, bevel or slanted markers. These headstones allow for more personal engraving and stand out in cemeteries. See some our monuments and columbariums below for some inspiration when creating your own recessed urn. 

 garden view recessed urns in a monument   Chizmar - Family Memorial - Columbarium

Memorial Benches 

Bench memorials are another special way to honor your loved one’s cremated remains. These monuments are made out of granite and come in several different colors, sizes and finishes. Memorial benches can also include engravings of names, dates and other unique designs. For even more personalization, consider a plaque that contains an etching of your loved one’s photograph or portrait. 

Jacobs - Companion Memorial - Holy Cross Cemetery-1   Gregory - Bench Memorial

Memorial Rocks and Boulders

Cremation memorial rocks can be placed in cemeteries, memorial parks or even in one of your loved one’s favorite places, like a garden. Although there are several different rock types, we strongly recommend granite rocks because they are the hardest, longest-lasting stones available and provide the greatest flexibility in terms of color.

Recessed Urn Boulder Collage - cropped

It’s also possible to add a plaque with names, dates and other custom designs like etched photographs and engraved epitaphs to your loved one’s memorial rock.  

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3. Cremation Memorial Plaques

Personalized memorial plaques serve as an alternative cremation memorial option for those who prefer to scatter their loved one’s cremated remains. These plaques are generally crafted with bronze or granite and can feature customized lettering, inscriptions, dates and unique designs. 

Albert Baesel Plaque_Commemorative Memorials

For instance, a cremation memorial plaque can be placed on a tree, positioned in a planter or independently displayed in a garden setting. If your lost loved one had a significant connection with a school, charity or workplace, these plaques can also be installed in such locations as a public dedication. 

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More Ways to Honor Those Who Choose Cremation 

Regardless of the method you choose to commemorate the life of your loved one, Milano Monuments is committed to working with you to craft a unique cremation memorial that pays tribute to their memory. To learn more about your cremation memorialization options, download our free cremation guide. 

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