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We combine the highest quality materials, latest equipment, expert memorial designers and skilled memorial craftspeople to give you more design options and the best possible results for your cemetery monument and headstone.

Memorials are so much more than simply stone grave markers. They become special personalized tributes to a loved one through the varied design elements that are added to the gravestones and cemetery monuments. At Milano Monuments, we can create the ideal memorial to your loved one. We guide you step-by-step through the design process and, with the aid of computers, we let you see your design options full-size before we commit them to headstone and cemetery monument. All our work is done in-house, which allows us to be more creative and lets you follow the progress of your memorial.

"The quality of the stone, the lettering, and especially the etching of my brother's portrait were just perfect. The picture was duplicated in such a way that when we go to the cemetery, it is so lifelike that it just brings tears to our eyes."

Carm Scipione

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Let us help you design an expertly crafted memorial or monument uniquely made for you.