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Add to an Existing Memorial Already Placed in a Cemetery

There are certain situations when a family or individual needs to add to an existing memorial after it has been placed in a cemetery.

Whether a memorial was recently set or it has been in a cemetery for decades, Milano Monuments can add lettering to an existing memorial, right in the cemetery. The added memorial inscription is completed with the same precision and craftsmanship seen in our other memorials.

Potential additions to a stone include:

  • Final dates
  • Names of other family members on a family monument
  • Meaningful quotes, prayers or phrases
  • Personalized designs, such as religious symbols or company logos
  • Anything that fits on the space available


What You Need to Know About Adding to an Existing Memorial


This process of adding lettering is complicated. Generally, it takes 60 days to complete, but is very weather dependent. Inscriptions can not be completed in the cold or if the stone is wet, making the typical inscription season June through September in Northeast Ohio.

The more information you can provide about the cemetery, specific plot location, the memorial, what needs to be added, and even a clear picture of its current state, the more efficiently the inscription will be completed (weather permitting).

To ask about a projected timeline based on the current year and weather conditions, contact us or call (216) 362-1199.


Inscription Is Added at the Cemetery

Regardless of the type or size of the new lettering, our specialist will make the inscription on-site, at the cemetery. Etchings or engravings performed on-site match the quality of those created for new memorials at our Cleveland facility. Occasionally, there are exceptions when a memorial must be brought to our production facility.


Types of Memorials We Will Inscribe

We will add to all types of memorials across cemeteries in Northeast Ohio, regardless of who created it originally. After years of providing this service, we ensure the new inscription will match the existing font, size and color of your memorial.

For older headstones that may have experienced some fading, we like to let families know that the fresh paint and inscription Milano Monuments completes may stand out against the rest of the stone. If you are concerned this may happen to your stone, we provide services for memorial cleaning and general touchups, including repainting. If multiple services can be performed on-site at the same time, we will offer a discount.


"My thanks cannot adequately express how happy you made my husband and I in replacing our daughter's headstone. It had been damaged at the cemetery, refinished by a monument maker very poorly, then redone by your excellent etcher. Please let him know what a wonderful job he did. The shading, shadows, eyes, everything about her, he brought to life! I've felt we could reach out and touch her, as everyone else had told us. Your artist is truly a gem and much appreciated."

The Roth Family


Inscription Cost

The price of any addition to an existing memorial depends primarily on:

  • Type of inscription
  • Type of lettering style and finish
  • Amount or size of the addition
  • Intricacy of the design


How to Get Started

Complete the form by providing as much information as possible. The more we know about the memorial, the more efficiently it can be completed (weather permitting).

Please provide the following:

  • Cemetery name
  • Cemetery plot location
  • Picture of the memorial
  • What needs to be added


*If we determine additional lettering is required to match the existing lettering, billing will be updated accordingly and you will be notified.


To receive a quote and more information about your memorial inscription request, complete the form.

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