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How do I order a memorial?

While we can take some orders over the phone, we recommend a personal consultation at our store. Set up an appointment today.


What is a Cemetery Concierge?

Our "Cemetery Concierge Service" is second nature to our staff and offered at no cost to you.

Just as a hotel concierge helps you find your way around a new city, we help you find your way around the tangle of paperwork and overwhelming arrangements you need to make following the death of a loved one. Jim Milano coined the phrase to describe the wide range of unique services we offer our clients over and above monument-making. We educate you on headstone and monument and internment options (for instance, different cemeteries – even different sections of the same cemetery -- have a wide variety of rules and regulations concerning the types of headstones they allow). We have the most up-to-date figures on setting fees from every cemetery in Northern Ohio and throughout the United States. We take care of all the details involved in the headstone and monument ordering, design, delivery and installation process. We even handle your time-consuming paperwork.

We encourage you to come to us first concerning the headstone and or mausoleum before purchasing plots or graves at the cemetery. We will gladly give you the help you need to make the entire process as convenient and worry-free as possible.

We will help guide you through the process of selecting a cemetery, ordering a memorial, and making all other arrangements.


May I contact Jim Milano?

Absolutely. Jim Milano is more than happy to take your call or answer your email. Contact Jim at 216-362-1199 or via e-mail


How long does it take to create a memorial?

The process of designing and building headstones and memorials varies between 1 and 6 months depending on the type of memorial. Learn about the types of memorials.


Do I have to wait 6 months to a year before placing a marker at a cemetery?

We can begin planning and designing your memorial at any time. Most cemeteries do not have a waiting period before a memorial can be placed at a grave.


How are headstones and memorials designed?

You can select from a wide array of beautiful designs or custom design a headstone and memorial with our certified memorialist who will meet with you personally to discuss your needs and help you select the custom design solutions that are perfect for you. Learn about our Design Services.


Can you add to existing memorials?

Names, dates and designs can be added to memorials already placed in a cemetery. View our memorial maintenance page for more information.


Are flat or upright memorials better?

Upright monuments can accommodate more design and engraving options than flat memorials. But not all cemeteries accept upright memorials.


May I choose any color stone?

The quarries we use provide us with many rich colors of granite stones for your selection. View our stone color options.


May I pick out my own headstone?

Our customers are always welcome to browse our inventory of granite and headstones to choose their favorite. Visit our showroom today.


What are etched portraits?

Etching portraits is a process of engraving an image onto a memorial from a photograph you provide. This can be done by hand or laser and is a great way to personalize your memories.


Can I get a scale drawing of my memorial?

Yes, prior to final engraving, we will provide you with a scale drawing for your approval. Learn more about the design process.


Do I need to pay a deposit?

We normally ask for a small good faith deposit and then get started designing your headstone and monument. Contact us today for more info.


What does a memorial cost?

The size, material, finish, lettering and cemetery fee are the key factors that determine the cost. 


Was Cleveland's Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument Designed by Milano Monuments?

No, Milano Monuments did not design and erect the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument located in Public Square in downtown Cleveland. According to Wikipedia, it was designed by architect Levi Scofield who also created the monument's sculptures. It opened July 4, 1894. The key features of the exterior of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in Cleveland are four groups of bronze statuary, representing the four principal branches of the United States Armed Service; Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry and the Navy. To learn more about one of Cleveland's most famous monuments, visit the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument web site. The monument commemorates Civil War soldiers and sailors from Cuyahoga County, Ohio. However, Milano Monuments does design and erect monuments to honor soldiers, public officials and marines. The city of Cleveland and many other communities around Cleveland have contracted with Milano Monuments to build monuments. These monuments pay tribute to individuals who served the state of Ohio and the city of Cleveland as well as groups who have performed a valuable service for their community or country.

An example of a monument designed and built by Milano Monuments is the soldier statue for the The Wounded Warrior Memorial located in front of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5137 in Medina, Ohio, just south of Cleveland. It commemorates veterans who have been injured in battle. It was sculpted from black granite and erected in 2013. Another example is the monument built for the John T. Corrigan Memorial at Huntington Park at West 3rd and Lakeside in downtown Cleveland. This Cleveland monument honors and pays tribute to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor.

Visit The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History web site for information about famous Cleveland civic monuments including the Garfield Monument, the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, the Statue of Tom L. Johnson (Cleveland’s 35th mayor), the Cultural Gardens and the Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen Free Stamp. For more information about famous Cleveland monuments read the list which describes publicly accessible outdoor sculpture and monuments in Greater Cleveland and limited to Cuyahoga County at The first major monument dedicated in Cleveland (September 1860) was a 25' tall Italian-marble statue of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry. The original 1860 marble statue is now located in Perrysburg, Ohio which was named after the American naval commander. Milano Monuments does build monuments for Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland but did not build the most famous monument in the cemetery which is the James A. Garfield Memorial which was built to pay tribute to the 20th U.S. President.

Man-made landmarks and statues are frequently referred to as monuments because of their symbolism. For information about designated landmarks in Cleveland, click here for a list. One of the most famous statues in Cleveland is the Moses Cleveland statue which resides in the southwest quadrant of Cleveland's Public Square. This statue, which appeared in the the movies Major League and Draft Day, was not sculpted by Milano Monuments. J. C. Hamilton designed and built the statue of Cleveland's founder in 1888. The Moses Cleveland bronze statue was erected by the Early Settlers Association of the Western Reserve in 1888. The Early Settlers Association is responsible for a number of monuments, markers, plaques and statues located in Cleveland, Ohio. Click here to learn more about these tributes to historic people and events from Cleveland's past.


What Types of Monuments Does Milano Monuments Build and Erect?

At Milano Monuments we don't build monuments for only famous people, we create monuments for anyone and everyone. We also build and erect structures that are cemetery, community, cultural and civic monuments which memorialize a person, place, or event that has great significance to a great number of people. We erected a monument to honor the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor, John T. Corrigan at Huntington Park in downtown Cleveland.

Typical monuments built by Milano Monuments, based in Cleveland, Ohio are grave stones, war memorials, headstones, mausoleums, obelisks, statues, church monuments, firefighters monuments, veterans monuments, police monuments and many a wide variety of cemetery monuments.

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