23 Granite Headstone Colors For Your Loved One’s Memorial

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Alecia Milano
Posted by Alecia Milano on July 18, 2023

Creating a headstone to honor the life of a loved one can feel like a big undertaking. The task of selecting the perfect elements for the memorial design can be overwhelming, considering the permanence of a headstone. 

However, amidst the weight of this responsibility, is the opportunity to find comfort and create a heartfelt representation of your loved one's life. 

To ease the burden and alleviate the pressures that come with designing a memorial, particularly during an emotionally challenging period, read on as we explain common headstone color options. 

Granite Headstone Colors and Varieties 

When it comes to headstones, granite stands as the preferred materialand rightfully so. Known for its remarkable qualities, granite boasts an impressive lineage as one of the oldest stones on Earth, second only to diamonds. Its exceptional durability allows it to withstand the test of time, remaining unchanged for centuries. 

Granite color options blog collage

Originating from the natural fusion of minerals and rocks within volcanic magma, granite emerges in a splendid array of colors and textures. Each granite slab possesses a distinct character due to the unpredictable distribution of minerals and rocks. As a result, no two granite memorials are alike.  

Below is a selection of our most sought-after granite headstone color options, all of which are proudly available at Milano Monuments. 

Barre Gray Granite 

The soft, cool gray hue of Barre Gray granite exudes a sense of tranquility and serenity, perfectly suited for commemorating individuals known for their calm and composed nature.  

Barre Gray - 2023

Jet Black Granite 

As the name suggests, Jet Black granite boasts a deep, rich black hue that radiates a sense of power and solemnity. Its smooth and reflective surface creates a captivating contrast when paired with memorial engravings or headstone decorations, and it is the best color for etched pictures. 

Jet Black - 2023

Dakota Mahogany Granite 

This distinctive option showcases deep, rich brown and red hues with subtle variations and intricate patterns, reminiscent of the allure and warmth of mahogany wood. The intricate patterns and variations found in Dakota Mahogany granite lend a touch of individuality and character to any memorial design. 

Dakota Mahogany - 2023

Impala Black Granite  

Renowned for its deep and velvety black hue, Impala Black granite exudes a sense of elegance, sophistication and reverence. It serves as a powerful representation of the eternal nature of remembrance and pays homage to the enduring impact of a cherished life. 

Impala Black

Erin Green Granite 

Erin Green granite exudes a sense of natural beauty and vitality. The rich green hues symbolize growth, renewal and a deep connection to the environment, making it an ideal choice for commemorating individuals who possessed a vibrant spirit. 

Erin Green

Blue Pearl Granite 

The allure of Blue Pearl granite lies in its striking combination of deep blues, grays and silvers, reminiscent of a shimmering ocean or a starry night sky. This captivating color palette evokes a sense of tranquility, depth and serenity. 

Blue Pearl - 2023

Galaxy Black Granite  

Galaxy Black granite is highly regarded for its strength and durability. Its deep black background serves as a canvas for the prominent golden or bronze-colored specks scattered throughout the stone. 

Galaxy Black

Bahama Blue Granite 

Bahama Blue granite is a stunning natural stone that captivates with its rich and mesmerizing appearance. This granite variety features a deep blue background adorned with intricate patterns of swirling silver and gray minerals. 

Bahama Blue - 2023

Paradiso Granite 

Paradiso granite showcases a predominantly deep gray or black background adorned with swirls of rich purples, pinks, and burgundy. The interplay of these enchanting colors creates a striking and unique visual display, reminiscent of an ethereal landscape. It is a captivating natural stone that exudes a sense of tranquility and beauty. 

Paradiso - 2023

India Red Granite 

India Red granite is a bold and striking natural stone that commands attention with its vibrant and fiery appearance. India Red features a rich and deep red background, often accompanied by intricate veins and patterns in shades of black, gray, and white. 

India Red - 2023

Aurora Red Granite 

Aurora Red granite is a breathtaking natural stone that showcases the beauty of nature's palette in one spectacular package. The intricate and varied patterns resemble a picturesque landscape, evoking a sense of awe and wonder. 

Aurora Red

Mountain Rose Granite 

Mountain Rose granite features a predominantly pink background with subtle variations in shade, ranging from pale pinks to deeper rose tones. Its soft and delicate hues radiate warmth, elegance, and serenity for anyone who chooses it.  

Mountain Rose

Ebony Mist Granite 

Ebony Mist granite is a timeless natural stone that commands attention with its deep and intense black color.

Ebony Mist  

Canadian Mahogany Granite 

Canadian Mahogany granite showcases the rich and warm tones of mahogany wood in a durable and unique form. This granite variety features a deep brown background with intricate patterns of lighter brown, gold and black mineral veins that resemble the beautiful grains found in mahogany lumber. 

Canadian Mahogany - 2023

Coffee Brown Granite 

Coffee Brown granite is a classic and sophisticated natural stone that embodies timeless elegance and warmth. This granite variety may exhibit subtle variations in tone and may contain flecks or veins in shades of black, gray, or even lighter browns, adding a touch of complexity and visual interest. 

Coffee Brown

Brown Cats Eye Granite 

Brown Cats Eye granite is a captivating and unique natural stone that exudes warmth and charm. This granite variety showcases a rich brown background with distinctive and eye-catching "cat's eye" patterns scattered throughout the stone. These mesmerizing patterns, resembling the iridescent eyes of a feline, feature shades of gold, amber, and copper. 

Brown Cats Eye

Red Cats Eye Granite 

Red Cats Eye granite is similar to the Brown Cats Eye variety, but with a more vibrant and fiery appearance. This granite variety features a deep red background with intricate patterns and veins in shades of black and gray, creating a cat’s eye effect.  

Red Cats Eye

Sapphire Blue Granite 

Sapphire Blue granite is a stunning stone known for its captivating beauty and elegance. Its deep, rich blue background, reminiscent of sapphire gemstones, is adorned with intricate veins of white, gray and black, creating a striking contrast. 

Sapphire Blue 

Colonial Rose Granite 

Colonial Rose granite exudes an aura of warmth and elegance. Its soft rose-pink background is often intermingled with swirls of grey, white and black. 

Colonial Rose

Cathedral Red Granite 

With its rich red hue, Cathedral Red granite imparts a sense of solemnity and reverence. Renowned for its strength and longevity, Cathedral Red granite ensures that your loved one's headstone will stand the test of time. 

Cathedral Red

Bethal White Granite 

Bethal White granite's pristine white background conveys a sense of purity and tranquility, while its subtle grey mineral flecks add depth and character to the stone.

Bethal White

Coral Rose Granite 

Coral Rose granite is a tender and heartfelt natural stone that holds deep significance for headstone design. Its soft coral-pink hue, reminiscent of a delicate rose in bloom, conveys a sense of love and compassion.

Coral Rose

Pearl White Granite 

Pearl White granite evokes a sense of purity and peacefulness, with its white background resembling the glow of precious pearls. With a polished finish, Pearl White granite exudes a gentle sheen, enhancing its elegance and grace.

Pearl White - No label - edited

What Impacts Granite Headstone Colors Cost? 

The types of granite headstone colors vary depending on their geographical origin, sourced from regions such as North America, South America, Asia, India, Europe and other locations worldwide.  

While the range of available styles is virtually limitless, obtaining a particular variety is contingent upon three factors: 

  1. Inventory of the memorial provider. Some colors may already be in stock at your chosen provider, while others may need to be sourced from regional wholesalers or imported from overseas. Availability of colors may differ depending on the current inventory.
  2. Timeline requirements. Are you planning ahead for a memorial or is there an immediate need? The selection of colors could be constrained based on the urgency of the headstone.
  3. Budget considerations. How much can you allocate to the headstone? Rarer colors often command a higher price compared to more common colors. It's essential to take your budget into account and seek guidance from your memorial provider to find the color that aligns with your financial resources

Woolsteen - Upright monumentBieniecki - UprightGutoskey - Companion-1

Below we provide general cost ranges for three different categories of granite headstone colors: 

  • Standard varieties. Falling on the more affordable end of the spectrum, this category encompasses headstone options such as Barre Gray, Mountain Rose, Dakota Mahogany and Canadian Mahogany. These colors are widely available and commonly chosen. 
  • Relatively unique varieties. Positioned between standard and rare options in terms of cost, colors including Bahama Blue, Paradiso, India Red, Erin Green, Impala Black, Ebony Mist, Coffee Brown, Brown Cats Eye, Red Cats Eye, Cathedral Red, Bethal White, Coral Rose and Pearl White, present a blend of distinctiveness and affordability. They offer a touch of individuality without reaching the price range of the rarest selections. 
  • Exquisite and rare varieties. Standing out for their exceptional beauty, these colors command a higher price point. Aurora Red, Galaxy Black, Blue Pearl, Sapphire Blue and Colonial Rose are examples of such rare options. These unique hues come at a premium due to their scarcity and unparalleled aesthetic appeal. 

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Which Granite Headstone Color Should I Use? 

In addition to factors such as inventory availability, timeline and budget, it’s crucial to consider the personality and essence of the individual whom the memorial represents.  

Reflect on their unique qualities and attributes. Were they known for their calm and easygoing nature? In such cases, a headstone in Medium Barre Gray or Blue Pearl color could be a fitting choice. If they were characterized by expressive passion, colors like India Red or Redwood (Cats Eye) Red may be more appropriate. 

Ultimately, it’s essential to select a granite headstone color that resonates with you and your family, as it will serve as a lasting symbol of your loved one's final resting place.  

To learn more about memorial designs based on your preferences, take a look at our free headstone design guide 


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