What Color Options are Available for Granite Headstones?

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Alecia Milano
Posted by Alecia Milano on September 8, 2020

Memorializing the life of a loved one through a headstone is a difficult process. Headstones serve as a lasting tribute, so choosing details about the memorial design can feel overwhelming.

Because of the power and lasting significance of a memorial, it can also be extremely gratifying and heartwarming to represent the life of a loved one.

To help alleviate the strain and pressure of designing a memorial during an already emotional time, read on as we explain common headstone color options.

Granite Headstones: Colors and Varieties

Granite is the most commonly used material for headstones—and for good reason. It is some of the oldest stone on earth, the second hardest substance next to diamond and can last for centuries with little degradation.

Formed naturally from volcanic magma as a conglomerate of minerals and rocks, granite comes in all types of colors and textures. This means that each slab of granite is entirely unique from the next. Due to random mineral and rock distribution, exact colors, textures, shades and patterns vary from one granite memorial to the next.

Below are some of our most popular granite headstone color options, each of which is available from Milano Monuments:


Granite Headstone - Most Common Colors and Varieties

Color Pricing For Headstones

Granite types vary by region and may be sourced from North America, South America, Asia, Europe or other places around the world. Pricing fluctuates based on a color’s availability, among other factors.

Almost any style you can imagine is available, but the ability to get a certain variety depends on three key factors:

    • The memorial provider’s inventory: Some colors are immediately available in your provider’s current inventory, while others must be ordered from regional wholesalers or imported from abroad.
    • Your timeline: Are you pre-planning a memorial or do you need it soon? Color selections may be limited depending on the immediacy of the headstone.
    • Your budget: How much can you allocate to the headstone? As mentioned earlier, rarer colors likely cost more than common colors. Consider your budget and consult with your memorial provider to find the color that fits.

Here we provide general cost ranges for three different categories of granite colors: 

  • Standard varieties are on the lower end of the headstone cost range, and include Barre Gray and Mountain Rose.
  • Relatively unique varieties are more expensive than standard varieties, but less than some of the rarest options. These include Absolute Black, Coral Rose, Mahogany, Impala Black and Erin Green.
  • Exquisite and rare varieties stand out. They cost more than alternatives, and include Premium Red, Blue Pearl, Ebony Mist, Aurora Red and Coffee Brown.

Want to design a memorial as unique and memorable as the person it's made to honor? Download our Headstone Design Guide to learn what questions to ask before purchasing a memorial. 

Which Granite Color Should I Choose?

Aside from available inventory options, your timeline and your budget, you should always consider the life this memorial is for. Were they easy going and calm? If so, a Barre Gray or Blue Pearl colored headstone may be appropriate. Someone with expressive passion may warrant a Premium Red or Mahogany.

Whichever the case may be, choose a color that you and your family love as the lasting symbol of his or her final resting place.

To learn more about memorial designs and costs based on your preferences, try out our Interactive Memorial Cost Guide.


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