Community & Civic Memorial Statues

Milano Monuments has been designing and crafting memorable statues for organizations and families since 1969. Some of the more popular statue styles include angel statues, religious statues, and concrete statues. Our statues are available in a wide selection of materials such as granite, stone, bronze, and marble. We sculpt statues for all religions including Christians (All denominations), Jewish, Muslim, Buddhism, Hindu, and others.

If you do not see a statue on our website that fits your needs, please contact us and we will assist you with creating a memorial statue that fits your budget. We ship nationwide and utilize the very best shipping carriers in the business.


Angel Statues
Angel statues are very popular for yards, gardens—and especially as part of memorials—because of the inspiration and divine symbolism they present.

Bronze Statues
Bronze is an everlasting material that’s been used for centuries—there’s nothing quite like a bronze statue to artfully and dramatically convey image, sentiment or memory.

Concrete Statues
Concrete statues and sculptures are especially popular as yard or garden accents and are very affordable—because concrete is a low-cost material and the casting process is far less labor intensive than stone sculpting.

Custom Statues
We offer quality custom statue and sculpture reproductions, and one-of-a-kind sculpture masterpieces to meet your memorial needs. Milano Monuments works closely with foundries offering the right selection and the right production capabilities to deliver custom statues at your request and according to your specifications.

Granite Statues
Milano Monuments offers many granite statues—available from our stock in a variety of images, or custom made to your specifications.These granite statues include a variety of religious designs, ranging from traditional to modern, and some master studies too.

Outdoor Statues
We have many styles of granite, marble, sandstone, bronze and other outdoor memorial statues and sculptures to choose from. The type of material you choose determines its durability over time in outdoor environments.

Religious Statues
Statues depicting history’s great religious figures are very popular for the religious tenets and ideas they represent and remind us of. Milano Monuments offers religious statues, including the many different saints and other historic holy and religious figures of the world’s religions, in a variety of sizes and materials, including resin, concrete, granite and marble.

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