Why Working With a Memorial Provider Is Cheaper Than a Cemetery

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Alecia Milano
Posted by Alecia Milano on January 23, 2024

For over 50 years, we have worked with families from all different backgrounds, planning a headstone, monument or mausoleum for their loved ones. While each family’s story is different, one misconception has remained constant through the years: Headstones should be purchased from cemeteries because it’s easier and cheaper.  

And this simply isn’t true.  

Continue reading to learn how working directly with a memorial provider will ensure that you avoid the hidden fees, limited inventory and other costly factors families face when choosing a cemetery as their headstone provider.  

Specialized Experience and Personalized Memorials  

Headstone providers specialize in creating and supplying memorial products. Reputable providers are the direct designers and creators of your loved one’s headstones, and do not outsource these services to other companies.  

They often have the expertise (over 50 years, in Milano Monuments’ case), equipment, and processes in place to efficiently produce headstones, which can result in cost savings compared to a cemetery that typically does not specialize in manufacturing these items. 

Headstone sales are usually treated as an additional service for cemeteries, not their primary focus. As a result, many will look to upsell families rather than work with them to design the right headstone at the right price point. Others may only be capable of designing a simple headstone, ignoring the level of detail that a family requested.  

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In contrast, memorial providers like Milano Monuments are uniquely equipped to not only design memorials, but also walk you through the paperwork, placement fees and other aspects of cemeteries that are often not openly disclosed to families.  


Larger Granite Inventories Mean Lower Prices   

Headstone providers, especially ones with large warehouses like Milano Monuments, typically purchase granite at wholesale and produce headstones in larger quantities, allowing them to benefit from economies of scale. Bulk purchasing of these materials and streamlined production processes can lead to lower costs per individual memorial. 

Working with a memorial provider with an expansive headstone inventory also means families can choose from a wider range of options (both in-person or through a catalog), not the limited selection a funeral home or cemetery can offer. Providers with small selections or providers who have to order their memorials in will inevitably mean waiting longer to receive your headstone.  

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Additional Fees Are Communicated Upfront 

Cemetery costs can vary significantly, even within the same city or county. And the fees that impact your total cost are often not openly communicated ahead of time. We have met with a number of families who have felt frustrated, blindsided and trapped by the required extra costs cemeteries fail to explain ahead of time. 

Leveling new foundation

You may be charged to cover the cost for:  

  • Opening and closing the grave.
  • Perpetual care on the grave.
  • Staking out the foundation.
  • Installing the foundation.
  • Installing the memorial.
  • Permits to install the memorial.
  • Ongoing maintenance and care of the memorial.
  • Conversion fee if the gravesite changes from a flush-only to a bigger memorial.  

As a memorial provider and family, we sincerely do not want you to experience this. Before choosing a cemetery and burial plot, meet with a memorial specialist to better understand your options, the fees associated with cemeteries, and how you can save money throughout this process.  

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Flexible Payment Options May Be Available  

When working with a memorial provider, families can ask about the different payment options available. 

At Milano Monuments, we understand that designing a memorial can be overwhelming emotionally and financially, and are happy to coordinate a timeline and payment option that works best for you. 

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Memorial Providers Advocate for Their Customers  

Every family deserves a memorial partner who is on their side and can simplify the process during one of life’s most difficult times. Having a supportive memorial provider can make a significant difference when dealing with grief 

When faced with a poor experience with a cemetery or an unlawful regulation, reputable memorial providers, like Milano Monuments, understand your rights, and will work to make sure your memorial becomes a reality.  

Jim with customer

Local memorial providers have relationships with nearby cemeteries, understanding the specific requirements (sizes, shapes, etc.) for all headstones, unexpected fees to watch out for, and factors to consider before choosing a burial plot. 

At Milano Monuments, we stand up for you. We ensure that you don't have to pay for anything unnecessary, have the freedom to express your creativity and design preferences, and receive clear communication about the entire process from start to finish. 

Get In Touch With Our Team of Memorial Specialists  

Our certified memorialists are ready to answer any questions that you have and help guide you through the entire memorialization process (including cemetery and burial plot selection). Click here to schedule an appointment or request a quote.  

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