How To Narrow Your Headstone Design Choices With a Vision Board

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Alecia Milano
Posted by Alecia Milano on December 5, 2023

When creating a headstone, it's not just about selecting a granite color and deciding what symbols to incorporate—it's about weaving together memories, emotions and individuality into a tribute that shares a unique life story.  

That's why we developed the Headstone Vision Board tool. It provides you the opportunity to explore the wide array of headstone design options available and select the ones that best honor the life of your loved one. By the end, you will have a collage and summary of your choices ready to print out and take to a memorial provider. 

Continue reading to learn how the tool works.  

Step 1: Select Your Headstone Design Preferences  

The initial step in the Headstone Vision Board tool involves selecting preferences for what elements will be included in your loved one’s memorial. 

At Milano Monuments, we acknowledge that no two lives are the same, and hence, no two memorials should be identical. Our tool allows you to choose from a variety of options, including: 

MM_Granite Color Grid - 2023

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We always like to remind families that choosing these elements isn’t just about picking the most traditional headstone design. It’s about selecting the granite color, for example, that represents your loved one’s favorite place, an inscription that encapsulates their spirit or a symbol that signifies their passion.  

This step is about personalizing every detail, infusing the design with the memories and emotions that defined your loved one's life. 

Step 2: Automatic Creation of Your Vision Board   

Once your preferences are selected, our tool will automatically generate your vision board which will serve as a comprehensive overview of the selected design elements. This provides you with a tangible preview of what elements would be included in the final headstone design. 

Your results page will include photo examples of the answers you selected and several helpful resources tied to headstone design. 

Step 3: Meet With a Memorial Specialist  

Once you've created your vision board and downloaded or printed your results page, the final step is to schedule a meeting with one of our skilled memorial specialists at Milano Monuments. These stoneworking experts will collaborate closely with you to understand the vision you've articulated and then work to further refine and bring your headstone design to life. 

This stage serves as a link between the digital representation of your ideas, and the craftsmanship and expertise offered by our headstone professionals. Once you’ve discussed your loved one’s headstone design, the memorial specialist will create a mockup so you can see exactly what will be created. 

Anselmo - Memorial Sketch - Produce-1Miller - Memorial Sketch - ProjectorAdams - Memorial Sketch - Golf Clubs


Through this collaborative process, the final headstone design is curated to honor the individual's memory in a meaningful manner.  

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Explore Other Headstone Design Elements 

At Milano Monuments, our goal is to help guide you through the headstone design process so that it is as comfortable as possible. The Headstone Vision Board is our way of ensuring that every step of the process is dedicated to commemorating lives in the most befitting manner. Click here to create as many headstone vision boards as you’d like.  

Create My Headstone Vision Board

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