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Sculptures & Carvings

At Milano Monuments, we have skilled memorial designers and sculptors on staff who can make your headstone or cemetery monument stand out—literally—from all the rest. 



Whatever sculpture you can imagine, we can create! To produce a sculpture, the design is carved or sandblasted and shaped into beautiful flat or 3-dimensional image on the granite. We can also sculpt stand-alone designs, such as statues, in which the complete stone is shaped into what is referred to as “full round”.


Monument hand etching


Flat Carving

Flat carving is used to sculpt lettering and images onto cemetery headstones and monuments. The carving is usually done on a flat surface and is not a deep cut—though it will last for centuries on quality granite. At Milano Monuments, it starts with our memorial designers who listen to you and work with you to envision a beautiful design personalized just for your loved one. We will then draw and let you view a full scale representation of the artwork for your approval. At that point, our skilled memorial craftspeople go from stencil to “stunning” using exacting sandblasting and hand carving techniques. Use your imagination to create a one-of-kind headstone and memorial that will be an everlasting tribute to one you loved so dearly.


Shaped Carving

Shaped 3D carving is used to create dramatic raised images on cemetery headstones and monuments. An outline of the image is carved or sandblasted into the stone, then shaped by one of Milano’s skilled memorial craftspeople. The image can be carved into the stone as a “relief” or the complete stone can be sculpted into what is referred to as a “full round” design. In addition to traditional religious and nature representations, we are often asked to craft some very distinctive and unusual images. Think of something that was special about your loved one—a hobby, a job, a car they cherished—and let us create a beautiful shaped 3D carving that expresses the uniqueness of your loved one. We also have a wide selection of shaped 3D carvings in stock at our showroom on Brookpark Road in Cleveland.

Work With an Expert

Let us help you design an expertly crafted memorial or monument uniquely made for you.

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