How Cemetery Restoration Improved Fort Logan National Cemetery

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Michael Milano
Posted by Michael Milano on February 13, 2024

Located in Denver, Fort Logan National Cemetery opened in 1889 as a small post cemetery. In 1950, the cemetery became a newly designated national cemetery and slowly developed outward in the years to follow. Today, Fort Logan National Cemetery covers 214 acres and includes more than 120,000 interments of veterans from all major American conflicts since the Civil War. 

As part of regular upkeep initiatives, the Department of Veterans Affairs reached out to our sister company, Milano Stone & Restoration for cleaning and restoration support at Columbarium 3.  

Continue reading to learn how the team transformed the brick columns, marble niche columns and sandstone caps to like-new condition.  

What Are Restoration Services  

Cemetery restoration services can include a variety of activities and often differ by project. At Milano Stone & Restoration, we regularly offer the following cemetery restoration services:

  • Cleaning headstones and structures.  
  • Realigning headstone rows.  
  • Fixing broken monuments, memorials and other structures.  
  • Re-doing or resetting headstone foundations.  
  • Digging graves.  
  • Re-leveling the graves.
  • Installing new cemetery landscape.  
  • Relocating or removing monuments and statues.  

No matter the restoration project, our goal is the same—restore the structure, city or cemetery to its original beauty without disrupting the integrity of the historic space. When tackling the restoration work at Fort Logan National Cemetery, the team separated tasks into two phases.

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Phase 1: Removing Calcium Buildup From Brick Columns    

For the first phase of this restoration project, the Milano Stone & Restoration team traveled to Denver to clean 6,100 square feet of surface at the cemetery’s Columbarium 3. The brick columns and marble niches both suffered from years of calcium buildup that needed to be meticulously removed.

Before cleaning the structures, the team inspected and tested all drains to ensure proper drainage during cleaning and flushing of cleaning products.  

Fort Logan_Before Fort Logan_Court B_Before

Once the drains passed inspection, the team used a special cleaning solution and tool to wash all of the columns and covers. After two days of work and nearly 3,000 gallons of water, the columns were free of calcium and restored to their original condition. A pH test was completed to confirm all products were flushed from columbarium brickwork. 

Fort Logan_Court B_Cleaning Fort Logan_Court B_After

With Phase 1 complete, the team returned home before gearing up for Phase 2 of the restoration project.  

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Phase 2: Replacing Broken Sandstone Caps   

The second and final phase of restoration for Fort Logan National Cemetery involved replacing chipped or broken sandstone caps with new ones, as well as restoring a stone bench in the area.  

To ensure all quality standards were met with the replacement caps, the Stone & Restoration team met on-site with local concrete stone manufacturers to conduct a color match of the existing concrete caps. An approval from Fort Logan National Cemetery was received before the order was placed and after the concrete caps arrived on site. 

The replacement process involved:  

  • Removing old mortar and caulk from the brick surrounding the old caps so that they were prepared for the new ones being installed.
  • Removing the old concrete caps.
  • Ordering and delivering the new concrete caps to the site.  
  • Setting the new caps down into an epoxy.
  • Spot-cleaning any areas that needed touched from the team’s initial visit.    

Fort Logan_Caulk Removal Fort_Logan_Cap_Replacement


In the end, the Milano Stone & Restoration team successfully cleaned and repaired the columns in Columbarium 3 for families and visitors to enjoy. Not only is the updated space more inviting for passersby, but it also once again properly honors those interred there.  

Fort Logan_Bench_After Fort Logan_Caps_After

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Request a Quote for Restoration Services   

Milano Stone & Restoration has over 50 years of experience in stoneworking and memorial restoration and cleaning. We are one of the few stonework providers in Ohio that offer full cemetery restoration services and have worked with a variety of cemeteries and community parks across the nation to restore their headstones and monuments back to near-original condition. Take the first step to restore your community’s cemetery by contacting our team today.    

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