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    Return Your Cemetery to Its Historic Beauty With Our Cemetery Restoration Services

    Over time, the effects of weather and continuous visitors can unfortunately lead to cemeteries with sunken headstones, crooked rows of memorials, crumbling or dirty monuments, and unkempt landscaping. Is your city cemetery experiencing these issues?

    Protect and preserve the memories that these cemeteries represent through cemetery restoration services. As one of the only cemetery restoration service providers in the Northeast Ohio area, Milano Stone & Restoration partners with neighboring cities to professionally clean and restore cemeteries to their original condition.

    Our Cemetery Restoration Services

    Milano Stone & Restoration works with each cemetery individually to create a restoration plan that aligns with the cemetery’s needs and budget. Cemetery restoration projects may involve any of the following services:


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    Cleaning headstones. Marble headstones and other granite memorials are properly cleaned by our team and restored to near-original condition.


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    Realigning headstone rows. Crooked headstones can be set back in their original straight lines.


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    Fixing broken monuments and memorials. If a monument falls over and breaks into pieces, we can put it back together, create a new memorial, pour a new foundation and/or re-level it. Our team can also fix fallen marble headstones by either pinning them back together or epoxying them back together using plastic pins.


    Cemetery Restoration Icon_4Re-doing or resetting headstone foundations. Tipping or sinking memorials may need their foundations re-poured and leveled so that the headstones sit straight once again.


    Cemetery Restoration Icon_5Digging graves. If needed, our team can dig graves using our own industrial-grade equipment.


    Cemetery Restoration Icon_6Re-leveling the graves. Some gravesites may need to be releveled due to ground settling.


    Cemetery Restoration Icon_7Cemetery landscape. This may include re-seeding grass, removing bushes and trees, routine landscaping (mulching), and installing fences.


    Cemetery Restoration Icon_8Relocation and removal of monuments and statues. Our team uses commercial-grade equipment to carefully relocate and/or properly remove monuments and statues.

    headstone cleaning before and after

    Why Choose Milano Stone & Restoration?

    Milano Stone & Restoration has over 50 years of experience in stoneworking and memorial restoration and cleaning. We are one of the few memorial providers that offer full cemetery restoration services and have worked with a variety of cemeteries and community parks to restore their headstones and monuments back to near-original condition.

    In addition to our expertise, Milano Stone & Restoration is also equipped with all of the commercial equipment needed for cemetery restoration projects, including:


    • Multiple crane trucks.
    • Heavy, commercial-grade equipment.
    • Bridge saw that can cut up to 14-in thick & 7+ feet in length.
    • A repair shop located in Cleveland at the Milano Monuments manufacturing facility.

    Immaculate Conception_04 - lo-resTake the first step to restore your community’s cemetery by filling out the form to the right. Someone from the Milano Stone & Restoration team will contact you soon to learn more about the work that needs to be done.

    Connect With Our Team

    "We must extend a warm and grateful 'thank you.' Without the Milano family and their team, this project would still be in the work-in-progress stage. The professional manner and high interest the Milano Group showed toward our project was most instrumental in assuring its completion. Hats off to the Milano family, now considered friends.
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