6 Headstone Designs For Athletes

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Alecia Milano
Posted by Alecia Milano on May 16, 2023

Athletes pour their hearts and souls into their sports, often dedicating countless hours to perfecting their craft. 

When they pass away, you may want to honor their love for the game and the legacy they left behind through their headstone design. 

In this blog, we'll explore unique headstone design ideas for athletes, each tailored to honor their individual interests and accomplishments. From basketball-shaped memorials to engraved golf club symbols and beyond, we'll provide inspiration for creating a meaningful and fitting tribute to the athlete in your life.

Headstone Shapes For Athletes

Headstones come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from traditional rectangular slabs to more unique and customized designs. You can choose a headstone shape that reflects your loved one’s sport or interests, creating a personalized tribute that celebrates their life and legacy. Here are some examples of headstone shapes you may consider.

1. Custom Shapes

When designing a headstone for your athlete, choose a shape that reflects their favorite sport. For example, a headstone shaped like a surfboard or wave might be relevant for a surfer. Custom shapes can be a creative way to pay tribute to your athlete's individuality and passion for their sport.


2. Sports Equipment

Another option for athlete headstone shapes is to incorporate their favorite sports equipment. For instance, a headstone shaped like a golf club or ball is perfect for a golfer you know, while a headstone shaped like a hockey stick or puck would symbolize a hockey player you know. Use this as an opportunity to symbolize your loved one’s dedication and achievements in their chosen sport.

3. Figurative Shapes

You may also choose to have a headstone in the shape of a figurative symbol that represents your loved one’s sport or athletic achievement. For example, a headstone shaped like a person mid-stride makes sense for a runner, while a headstone shaped mid-tumbling stunt would be perfect for your loved one who was a gymnast. Figurative shapes can be a unique and eye-catching way to honor an athlete's accomplishments.


Headstone Symbols for Athletes

Engraved headstone symbols can also pay tribute to an athlete's career. These symbols can represent the sport they played, the team they were a part of or a specific accomplishment they achieved. Here are some examples of headstone symbols for athletes.

4. Team Logos

Did your athlete have a favorite sports team? Incorporating an engraved logo of their favorite team into a headstone can be a touching way to honor their dedication and love for the game. From a football helmet, baseball cap or hockey jersey, team logos can be a meaningful way to symbolize an athlete's connection to their favorite sport.


5. Sports Equipment

Sports equipment, like baseball bats, basketballs and tennis rackets, are commonly used symbols for athletes and sports lovers. Consider including a piece of equipment that represents the sport they played to exhibit their dedication and commitment to their craft. It can also provide more insight about their love for the game to those walking through the cemetery.


6. Medals and Trophies

If your athlete achieved significant accomplishments during their career, you may choose to include medals and trophies as symbols on their headstone. These could be championship rings, gold medals or trophies that they won during their career. Recognizing their achievements can help portray the legacy they left in their sport.

Memorial Quotes For Athletes

When it comes to memorializing an athlete or sports lover who has passed away, finding the right words can be a challenge. Memorial quotes offer a way to express the love, respect and admiration that you feel for your beloved athlete and their accomplishments.

Some examples include:

  • "At peace in Heaven’s end zone. Forever in our hearts."
  • "Gone to play ball with the angels."
  • "Those we love don’t go away—they play beside us every day."
  • "Never give up, never back down. Keep pushing forward."
  • "Play with heart, live with passion, leave a legacy."
  • "Life is like a game—make the most of every opportunity."

Overall, the chosen memorial quote should be personal and meaningful to both you and your lost loved one. It should capture their spirit, honor their legacy and offer comfort as you grieve.perkins-roller-skates-lawn-level

Headstone Photos For Athletes

Adding photos to a headstone can showcase your lost loved one’s admiration for their sport, their dedication to training and competing, and their accomplishments on and off the field. You have the option to choose from a laser engraved, hand etched or ceramic photo of your loved one.

When selecting a photo to include on a headstone, choose an image that captures the spirit and personality of your loved one. Consider choosing a photo that shows your loved one in action, playing their sport or in their uniform.


Alternatively, you may choose a photo of them with their team or in a group setting, highlighting their sense of community and camaraderie with others who shared their love for the sport.

Helpful Tip: When selecting a photo, make sure it is of high quality and resolution. A blurry or pixelated image can detract from the impact of the headstone and may not accurately reflect the memory of your loved one.

Design a Memorial of Distinction

Honoring the legacy of an athlete or sports lover who has passed away should be a unique and personal experience. Download our headstone design guide to explore the additional design options available for creating a personalized and lasting tribute of their achievements and passions.

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