Dear Bret, Jim and Marie,

Thank you for embracing my family with such love and patience the other day when we stopped in to discuss a grave maker for our mother. We received much, much more than we expected. We walked in thinking that we were walking into a retail shop where the focus would be making a sale. Money didn't come up until we brought it up and that was after a long conversation and a tour. Marie made my sisters and I feel as if she was a long lost friend. She let us ask questions that we are sure she has heard a thousand times before. That is not a typical salesperson move. 

My sister's and I talked non-stop all the way back to Euclid about how good we felt about talking about something so painful, the grave maker for our mother. Marie was wonderful. We wondered if she was aware of how long we we there. None of us noticed her looking at her watch.  She gave us her time and undivided attention. I didn't think it could get any better than that and the next day it did.  I returned the next day with my brother who is the  deep pockets of the family. That is when we met Brett and Jim Milano. They were just as kind and patience with my brother and I as Marie was with girls of the family. I know this is a very long email but your treatment towards us was wonderful and a simple thank you didn't feel right. In addition to our business you deserve a long note of appreciation. You will hear from us very soon. That much I promise. I feel odd writing this but it was a pleasure meeting you all. Pauline Hill. Say hello to Peter for me. "


Pauline Hill

To the Staff of Milanos

I had been in Milano Monuments many times before I had to purchase my husband’s headstone. Flowers for the cemetery, candles, books and Christmas items were just some of my previous purchases. So when it came time for this very important purchase there was no question were I would be going.

From the first time I walked in I felt the people there were truly concerned with seeing my vision through to a completed stone. Jim was wonderful in taking my ideas and bringing them to life in an eternal monument to my husband. Through the many revisions, changes and even additions after the stone was complete, there was never a problem. I felt that when you were dealing with me I was the only customer you had.

The final result is a monument that is more beautiful than even I had imagined it. The day my mother-in-law called me in tears on the phone after it had been placed is testament to the true beauty that your staff has brought to what before had just been a piece of stone. The gold on the stone shines as bright as my husband’s eyes did.

The staff at Milanos meets people during the worst times of their lives. The empathy that you feel is apparent to the customers. You never make a person feel like they are just another sale; you make us feel your true care and determination to make the process easier for us. Maybe this is why as you drive through Holy Cross Cemetery you can spot the stones done by Milanos. They are the ones that not only show the information of the person buried, but the love of those who purchased it and dedication of those who created it.

Thank you again,

Trish Chmielewski