Request a Memorial Order Status Update

Request a Memorial Order Status Update

At Milano Monuments, we ensure that each custom-made memorial is given the personal care and attention needed to turn your vision into a lasting tribute for your loved one.


Because of this, the memorial creation process involves several important stages:


  • Order paperwork in-process. Once we have worked with your family to develop a meaningful memorial concept, our team must process the order information and work with the cemetery to confirm that we are able to proceed with your design.
  • Pre-production. This stage includes reviewing the memorial size, color and design work. After this is completed, we cut the stencil for production.
  • In production. During production, our team pulls the particular stone that was ordered and mattes the memorial by hand. The memorial is then sandblasted according to the design. Custom add-ons, like photos, hand-tooled designs, gold leaf and paint, are added after the lettering is completed.
  • Preparing for delivery. Once the memorial is finished, it will be cleaned and you will be notified that your memorial is ready for delivery. Some families like to see the memorial before it is delivered and others would like to have it delivered right away. Once the memorial is fully paid, it is then scheduled for delivery. Please allow for 2-4 weeks for delivery.


To request an update on the status of your memorial, please fill out the form to the right.

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