Views on Memorialization With Michael Milano, VP and Restoration Specialist

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Alecia Milano
Posted by Alecia Milano on December 19, 2023

This post is part of our Views on Memorialization series, where we ask our team members to share their personal perspectives on memorialization. For more stories like this, subscribe to our blog. 

Beyond the stones and structures, memorialization is about honoring the connections that stretch beyond immediate family—the friends, colleagues and acquaintances who share decades of unique memories.   

Michael Milano, Vice President of Milano Monuments and seasoned restoration specialist, understands the importance of creating memorials for the surviving loved ones of the departed.  

In this edition of our Views on Memorialization series, we spoke with Michael to gain his perspective on memorialization and the valuable guidance he provides to families who have lost loved ones. Continue reading to explore the meaning and purpose of creating a lasting tribute to those we have lost. 

Michael Milano’s Personal Perspective on Memorialization 

Every memorial we design and develop at Milano Monuments is a unique story engraved in stone. It’s a testament to lives lived and connections forged. I believe memorialization is not just about remembering the past, it's a powerful tool to shape the future. 

How Do You Define Memorialization? 

To me, memorialization is a straightforward act of preserving memories. It goes beyond stoneit's a tangible link to the person it represents. These stones become more than just markers as they transform into reflections of the individual's life. 

What Does Memorialization Mean to You? 

In simple terms, it's a deep expression of love.  

It's the commitment to go the extra mile to create a lasting memory, ensuring that someone is remembered for an extended period. Memorialization for me is a personal dedication to keeping memories alive and ensuring the impact of a person's life is remembered for generations to come. 

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What Is the Main Purpose of a Physical Memorial? 

The primary purpose, in my perspective, is closure. A physical memorial serves as the final act, symbolizing the conclusion of a chapter in someone's life.  

It's not just a gesture, it's a lasting gift for someone deeply cared about, offering a tangible space where memories can be revisited and remembered. 

What Is One of Your Favorite Memorialization Options? 

When considering creative and meaningful ways to memorialize loved ones, I find a monument with a bench particularly impactful. 

MM_Views on Memorialization_Mike Milano (1)

Bench memorials are not only a tribute to your loved one, but also provide a space for familes to reflect. It becomes a place to sit, remember and connect with the the person being commemorated, offering a three-in-one memorial that serves practical, emotional and commemorative purposes. 

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What Is a Common Misconception You Hear About Memorialization? 

One misconception is that memorialization is only for immediate family members. The reality is that the impact of a person's life extends far beyond familial relationships. 

When my mom passed, I couldn’t understand why people outside of her family were visiting her grave. Why were they there? Then, it dawned on me—they were her friends, her companions in life. They had their own connection and their own stories with her that they wanted to reflect on and remember.  

Memorialization is about recognizing and honoring these diverse connections, creating spaces that cater to the wider circle of people whose lives were touched by the departed. 

Get More Unique Views on Memorialization 

While grieving can cause many different emotions, memorialization helps to honor a loved one’s life and center your emotions, resulting in a healthier grieving experience. For additional support and information on the memorialization process, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, The Turning Stone.  

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