How To Order an Engraved [And Locally Sourced] Address Stone

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Michael Milano
Posted by Michael Milano on March 21, 2023

No matter if it’s your home, business or an entire development, a locally sourced custom address stone is a great way to distinguish a property from others in the area. 

However, many don’t realize what needs to be done before the custom address stone is installed. Choosing the type of stone, defining a budget and finding a reputable stoneworking provider that specializes in custom address stones are all important steps. 

Below we’ve provided the necessary steps to order an engraved address stone—and tips to ensure it’s locally sourced.

Benefits of Custom Engraved Address Stones

Looking for a way to make your home or business stand out? While landscaping and fresh paint may help, a custom address stone might be the unique addition you’re looking for.  

Address Boulder_Address StonesHouse 18493_Address Stones

Benefits of custom engraved address stones include:

  • Prime neighborhood architecture. Address stones stand out in every season and require minimal upkeep. Aluminum signs, like the one pictured on the left, should never fade, crack or peel during seasonal changes. Numbers or letters that are painted on sandblasted signs, like the one on the right, will need repainted over time. 
  • Accessible deliveries. Instead of telling visitors or delivery drivers, “It’s the third brick house on the left,” you’ll find yourself saying, “Our house has the address stone boulder out front. You can’t miss it!”
  • Stone personalization. Whether you add an engraved company logo or a symbol that represents your family, personalizing your address stone will give your structure a more pronounced look and feel.

When you choose to have an engraved address stone made, you’re choosing to create an emblem of your home or business that will last for years to come.

Define a Budget For Your Address Stone

Before selecting an address stone provider, be sure to research their options and pricing. Look specifically for experts who can produce custom address stones within your budget. 

At our sister company, Milano Stone & Restoration, standard address stones start at $195 and go up in price depending on what you decide to create. Keep in mind, added customizations will increase the price of your stone. For a more accurate estimate, get in touch with one of our stoneworking experts.

address stone

Determine Your Address Stone Design

What type of address stone are you looking for? Built into the structure? On a tall standing boulder out front? Perhaps a smaller boulder at the entrance? No matter the design, an experienced stoneworking provider can bring your vision to life. 

Consider the following when deciding on your preferred address stone:

  • Size. 16 inches x 8 inches or 17 inches x 9 inches.
  • Material. Buff sandstone or gray sandstone.
  • Letting Color. Black or brown.
  • Design. House numbers, optional border, street name or last name.
  • Stone Type. Boulder, on house/building or custom stone.

Address Stone Materials and Colors

Find a Stoneworking Provider That Specializes in Address Stones

It’s important to find a capable stoneworking provider who can deliver on time and on budget, without requiring an unnecessary number of other vendors getting involved in the project.

Before partnering with just any address stone specialist, make sure you can trust the people who work there and the quality of work they produce. You can ensure a company is reliable through its portfolio of past projects and customer testimonials.

House 18520_Address Stones

For over 50 years, contractors and other commercial professionals have turned to Milano Stone & Restoration to complete a range of unique stonework projects—including custom address stones. Here’s a look at our address stone gallery.

Request an Engraved Address Stone Quote 

At Milano Stone & Restoration, we work with Northeast Ohio home builders, homeowners and businesses to create made-to-order engraved address stones—quickly. If you’re looking to have an address marker engraved or need address stones for an entire development, contact us to learn how we can help.   

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