15 Ways to Give Back in Honor of Your Loved One

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Alecia Milano
Posted by Alecia Milano on February 27, 2024

Losing a loved one is never easy. Amidst the waves of grief, there's comfort in honoring their memory through meaningful gestures.  

There are several unique ways to commemorate your loved one’s legacy while positively impacting the lives of others. Below, we offer 15 ideas for how you can give back in honor of your loved one. 

Charitable Ideas To Honor Someone's Life

1. Contribute to your loved one’s favorite charity. Were they passionate about a certain cause? A unique way to honor their memory is to continue giving towards a cause or charity they felt strongly about. 

2. Donate to a cause that affected them. If an ailment or event contributed to their passing, you may find comfort in supporting an organization committed to research or prevention. 

3. Create a living reminder. Your loved one may be gone, but planting a tree or other greenery is a great way to honor their memory, help the environment and be a part of something new. 

4. Develop a memorial scholarship. Creating a memorial scholarship on behalf of a loved one keeps their memory alive. It’s a gift that gives back to the community in a positive way for years to come. 

5. Donate old belongings. While there’s no doubt you’ll want to save, cherish and maybe even repurpose your loved one’s belongings, consider donating gently used items to charity. This can include old clothes, furniture, tools and electronics. Find a local nonprofit that needs the items you can offer. 

6. Give to your loved one’s church or other place of worship. Making a donation to you and your loved one’s place of worship is a thoughtful way to celebrate, honor and memorialize their life, while supporting the religious cause they gave so much of their time to. Resource: 20 Prayers for Loved Ones Coping With Grief 

7. Volunteer at their favorite charity. Perhaps your loved one was a regular volunteer at a local soup kitchen or animal shelter. Honor their memory and spend time volunteering on your loved one’s behalf. Invite family and friends to make it a meaningful experience for all involved. 

8. Host a dinner in your loved one’s honor. Host a memorial dinner and enjoy your loved one’s favorite dish. Get those who knew them best together and make new memories while reminiscing about the past. 

9. Offer a religious service for a loved one. Dedicate a service in your loved one’s name. While it doesn’t always cost anything to offer a service, donations are accepted. Talk to your parish to learn how you can offer a service for your loved one. 

10. Reconnect with people in your loved one’s life you've lost touch with. Our loved one's family and friends often become our own. But after one’s passing, those relationships with their friends and relatives may diminish. Honor your loved one’s memory and reconnect on their behalf. Consider sharing stories of them or do an activity you all used to enjoy together. Resource: How To Be a Good Listener for Those Grieving 

11. Volunteer at a community event in your loved one’s honor. Many communities have annual walks or runs to fundraise for various causes. Volunteer to help organize, donate, join or even work the event in your loved one’s honor. 

12. Start a fundraiser. Organize a fundraising event or online campaign in memory of your loved one. This could involve anything from a charity walk or run to a bake sale or virtual fundraiser. The proceeds can go towards a cause or organization that was important to them. 

13. Create a memory book. Compile photos, stories and memories from friends and family into a personalized memory book or scrapbook. This tangible keepsake not only celebrates your loved one's life but also preserves their legacy for future generations to cherish. 

14. Support local artists or craftsmen. Commission a piece of artwork, sculpture or custom-made item from a local artist or craftsman in memory of your loved one. This not only honors their memory but also supports local talent and creativity. 

15. Perform random acts of kindness. Dedicate a day or week to performing random acts of kindness in memory of your loved one. This could include paying for someone's coffee, leaving encouraging notes in public places or volunteering your time to help those in need. Spread kindness and positivity in their honor. 

Interested in More Remembrance Ideas?

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