Memorial Services

There are many valuable services we offer you after your loved one's headstone or cemetery monument is set in the cemetery.

Memorial Services

Whether it’s keeping the plot well-groomed, the headstone clean and clear of overgrowth, or supplying and delivering décor such as flowers for special occasions, you can count on us to be there for you whenever and wherever you need us.


Memorial Maintenance

Elements like hard irrigation water, tree sap, birds, and grass clippings can cause the memorials to become dirty-looking or stained. Proper cleaning might be necessary from time to time in order for your headstone to maintain its original beauty. Learn more.

Memorial Inscription

We can add additional artwork to an existing cemetery headstone or grave marker of any type. At Milano Monuments, our skilled memorial craftspeople can etch or engrave an inscription or design on an existing headstone at a cemetery—with the same precision and attention to detail that we do at our StoneCrafters Studio facility in Cleveland. Learn more.

Decor Delivery

We have a wide variety of décor options at our showroom on Brookpark Road in Cleveland. Take one with you or you can choose to have us deliver that something special directly to the gravesite.  Learn more.