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Expand Your Business’ Offerings with Customized Monuments and Memorials of Distinction

    At Milano Monuments, we strive to be the most innovative monument company among our peers. We aim to continuously exceed our customers’ expectation with our hand and laser etchings, and one-of-a-kind designs from our expertly skilled memorialists. 

    Interested in partnering? We offer our quality services and wholesale products to funeral homes and B2B monument companies seeking to increase their memorial and monument offerings.

    To get started, the resources below will help you easily explore available memorial options. 

    Or, if you would prefer to talk directly with us now, schedule an appointment, and we’ll navigate through the services and craftsmanship we offer together to find the right fit for you and your business. 


    Memorial Types

    Identify the memorial type you wish to create for your client. Our team of experts can design and produce both traditional and contemporary memorials from our Cleveland-area facility. Look through our memorial and monument photo gallery to see what stands out.

    Cemetery Memorials

    Design a cemetery memorial with Milano Monument’s award-winning artists. Available in all shapes and sizes, each memorial can be uniquely personalized. Consider a hand sculptured statue, an engraved epitaph or saying, or even a beautiful hand-etched photograph done by our in-house artist, Peter Viyuk. See our cremation memorials photo gallery.

    Cremation Memorials 

    As cremation rises in popularity, we’ve found that families desire a way to memorialize a loved one’s cremated remains. To accommodate this growing trend, we offer a variety of custom memorials designed specifically for cremation, including the option to personalize an urn with laser engraving. See our cremation memorials photo gallery.

    Memorial Jewelry

    Keep loved ones close with a beautiful piece of memorial jewelry from Milano Monuments. See the memorial jewelry available in our gift shop.


    Make the Memorial Personal

    Every person is unique—how a loved one is memorialized should be too. Our expert designers make it their responsibility to ensure each crafted memorial is as unique as the life lived.

    Personalize Every Detail

    From the size, shape or color of granite to the most intricate detail, our team will make the memorial uniquely your client’s. See a list of available design details.

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    Work With an Expert

    Let us help you design an expertly crafted memorial or monument uniquely made for you.

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