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We Advocate For You

    Most people will plan and purchase only one or two memorials in their lifetime. The steps families must take after the loss of a loved one is never easy, and the last thing we want those in mourning to have to worry about are unlawful or obstructive practices during the memorialization process.


    Consumer Advocacy

    Milano Monuments is a proud member of the Monument Builders of North America (MBNA), an association built to raise the professional standards of the memorialization industry as a whole. Specifically, the Consumer Advocacy Committee formed by the MBNA in 1997 examines consumer issues and provides support to its members and their customers (you).

    With the backing of MBNA, Milano Monuments has the experience, resources and knowledge to help each individual customer exercise their freedom of choice in memorialization.


    Why Is Consumer Advocacy Important for Memorialization?

    With 50 years of experience working with families and individuals, Milano Monuments understands the industry and how to put our customers’ best interests first, respecting their desires and timing.

    Every individual and family has the right to design the memorial that best represents their beliefs, values and personality. And they should be free to do it on their own timeline. Due to cemetery regulations and practices, this freedom is not always what the customer experiences.

    If you feel pressured, confused or misled with cemeteries or funeral homes during this difficult time, Milano Monuments provides advocacy for our customers. We support you to ensure you:

    • Won’t pay for anything you don’t have to.
    • Are allowed the creativity and design you desire.
    • Know exactly what to expect during this trying time.


    By partnering with Milano Monuments, you can memorialize with confidence.

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    Let us help you design an expertly crafted memorial or monument uniquely made for you.

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