Military Memorials/VA Markers

With a military headstone, your loved one will always be lovingly remembered for their dedication to both family and freedom. 

A military memorial honors a member of our armed forces. It is usually for someone who has died in the line of duty or been in the military for a long time. Their dedication to a noble cause holds great meaning for both the deceased and the family. You can choose a standard government-issued gravestone or a customized headstone from Milano Monuments. The free Government gravestones are all flush, gray, and unpolished with few optional embellishments. They are only available for the deceased, not the spouse or other family members. However, we can match the granite and style for complementary gravestones.

Many families choose to have military headstones created by the artisans at Milano Monuments. This way, they can select any type of headstone, any color granite, and have it decorated with any etchings or engravings they desire—even add a flag or vase! We can also make companion or family cemetery monuments, as well as matching headstones for the spouse and other family members.  
NOTE: While the government-manufactured memorials cost nothing, there are foundation and installation expenses for setting the military headstone in private cemeteries. We can help you with all the paperwork, delivery and installation needs concerning your military memorial.

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