Everything You Need to Know About Temporary Wooden Crosses for Graves

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Alecia Milano
Posted by Alecia Milano on August 9, 2022

Losing a loved one is one of the most challenging life experiences—and it can be overwhelming to design a headstone while dealing with the grief of their loss. 

To avoid the added stress of creating a memorial that fully honors your loved one immediately after they pass, consider placing a temporary wooden cross

These temporary memorials can also be used to mark a grave while a headstone is being designed, fixed or awaiting placement during the winter months. Continue reading to learn more about temporary wooden crosses for graves.

Why Are Temporary Wooden Crosses Used for Graves?

Temporary memorials—including wooden crosses—are designed to be placed on new graves immediately after burial until the permanent grave marker is set. Temporary wooden crosses are also used in winter to help mark gravesites in snow-covered conditions.

Manufactured from solid oak, these durable wooden crosses can be laser engraved with the name of your loved one and/or a memorial quote unique to their life lived.



At Milano Monuments, our wooden crosses come in several designs:


For a laser specialist to create a cross that best suits your loved one, the process may take one to three weeks.

How To Care for a Wooden Cross

It’s important to remember your wooden cross is a temporary marker and will weather in the elements. We suggest that after every use, you bring it indoors to let it completely dry out, and sand and re-varnish it to retain its quality. If not cared for, the cross can become warped and weather-damaged even after one to two seasons.

The Cost of Temporary Wooden Crosses

We recognize some families are not ready to purchase a memorial immediately after a loved one passes. When you purchase a wooden cross from Milano Monuments to mark the gravesite, we will extend a credit of the cross price towards your purchase of a memorial.

New Crosses

  • 2 ft. Oak Cross: $140
  • 3 ft. Oak Cross: $160
  • 3 ft. Oak Specialty Cross: $200

Wooden Cross Lettering

  • Per character: $2
  • New lettering to existing cross: $2 per character + $15 Setup fee
  • Offered emblems: $15 each
  • Custom emblems: $20 each

Heavy Duty Bracket

  • E-Z Use Bracket: $89.99 (Recommended)

Discover More Headstone Design Elements

For more information about designing and placing a wooden cross, please contact the Milano Monuments team. To better understand the endless options you have when it comes to creating a memorial to honor your lost loved one, download our headstone design guide.

Headstone Design Guide by Milano Monuments

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