Crown Hill Burial Park Cemetery

    About the Cemetery

    Crown Hill Burial Park, also known as Crown Hill Cemetery, has been has been serving all faiths in the Niles and Trumbull area since the 1900's. Crown Hill Burial Park was founded and established in the spring of 1928 by Tunis and Mary Selby. The cemetery consists of 120 acres, over half remains undeveloped, and is located approximately 7 miles from Warren, Ohio.

    This cemetery features two community type mausoleums, with all outside crypts, and two chapel mausoleums with both inside and outside crypts. Burial sites and a cremains section are available in this cemetery.

    Crown Hill Burial Park offers a choice of burial options, including graves permitting above ground grave markers or headstones and upright monuments.


    Crown Hill Burial Park (also known as Crown Hill Cemetery)

    3966 Warren-Sharon Road
    Vienna, Ohio 44473


    Milano Monuments’ Headstones, Grave Markers and Mausoleums at Crown Hill Burial Park

    Milano Monuments and Crown Hill Cemetery have worked together to serve the Northeast Ohio community for a number of years. Together we help families plan and carry out meaningful tributes to their loved ones.

    We created the Northeast Ohio Cemetery Memorial Guide to help you make the best decision based on your needs and priorities. Learn about the memorial regulations and the associated fees at more than 40 cemeteries across the Cleveland area. Access the guide to see how Crown Hill Cemetery compares to others in the area.

    Family-owned and operated since 1969, Milano Monuments offers the best quality, service, value, and craftsmanship in the monument industry.

    Our on-staff Cemetery Advisors are well-versed in the rules and regulations of Crown Hill Burial Park, and can assist you with everything, including lot selection, cemetery regulations and memorial styles and colors.

    We make planning simple for you, whether it's for a single grave marker or headstone, custom-designed estate cemetery monument or family mausoleum.


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    What You Need to Know About Cemetery Fees and Costs

    Before you meet with a cemetery to select a final resting place, be aware of the various costs involved. That way, you’ll be able to purchase or preplan without fear of financial surprises.

    You may be surprised to find out that costs can differ significantly from one cemetery to another, even in the same city or county. That’s one reason we highly encourage working through a third party, such as a memorial provider, to help you navigate these decisions. We’ve worked with hundreds of cemeteries over the years, and can help you make the best choice for your family, factoring in costs, upkeep and other considerations.


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    Memorial Regulations and Fees at Crown Hill Burial Park

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    Each cemetery has its own rules and regulations for the headstones allowed on their grounds. Though most cemeteries are not overly strict, many have requirements for the grave marker’s material and size at most cemeteries. By learning about these rules, you can better ensure the memorial you design can be placed.

    We created an interactive map and list of the memorial design rules and regulations for dozens of the most visited cemeteries in Northeast Ohio.

    Learn about the memorial rules and costs at Crown Hill Cemetery and see how it compares to other cemeteries in the area.


    Tips to Simplify Your Experience with Cemeteries

    1. Ignore the myth that you have to purchase through a cemetery.

    Contrary to popular belief, cemeteries cannot prevent you from working with an outside vendor. At Milano Monuments, we advocate for our customers to ensure their right to memorialization is protected. We have supported our customers when working with cemeteries to help them get the memorial they want approved.

    2. Work with a local, knowledgeable provider.

    Across all industries, nearly one-tenth of all retail sales now happen online. While this can seem like an easier option, even for headstones, it rarely is. Due to the unique restrictions of each cemetery and the various forms that must be approved, we strongly recommend working with a provider that knows your cemetery and can advocate for you.


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    Get Help Working with Cemeteries

    We have relationships with local cemeteries and educate you on the differences between cemeteries, the fees each requires, and the rules for headstones (including how they vary from section to section within a cemetery).

    We work with you to create your memorial on our computer aided design system. You'll see a full-size rendering of your memorials before it's committed to granite.

    Here are related cemetery resources that will help make you feel informed about cemeteries, including regulations, costs and more:

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