Child Memorials

Child MemorialsLet us help you through the difficult process of choosing a gravestone and designing a loving reminder of a life that ended too soon.

Parents usually have a very difficult time buying a memorial for a child they’ve lost. Sometimes you just need a little more time than usual to make a decision about a grave marker. Unfortunately, we have created far too many memorials for children and infants. What it has given us, though, is an understanding of your needs in this time of mourning. 

At Milano Monuments, we offer a wide variety of memorial styles for children. These include flat markers, flush markers and lawn-level markers, as well as upright and slant-faced monuments. We have stock images to choose from--building blocks, a teddy bear, angels, sheep--or we can custom design a child memorial that is uniquely yours.

Design Options

Granite Options

Granite Options

Granite is a product of nature and will vary in shade. Visit our facility to view our extensive inventory and hand-pick your memorial