Milano Stone & Restoration Frequently Asked Questions

    There are a lot of details that go into our custom stone designs and restoration projects—so it’s understood if you have questions. Below our stone experts answer the most commonly asked questions we receive about Milano Stone & Restoration’s services. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact our team.

    What services does Milano Stone & Restoration offer?

    Milano Stone & Restoration's stoneworking professionals have the experience and expertise to take on a variety of commercial projects at a competitive price. We specialize in:

    • Custom Stone Work. We handle a wide array of large granite projects, including busts, lettering, hand etchings, and laser engravings for cemeteries, schools and community memorials.
    • Cemetery Restoration. We help protect and preserve the memories of local cemeteries through cemetery restoration services like cleaning, realigning and fixing broken headstones.
    • Commemorative and Honorary Pieces. We assist communities in honoring a person, group, or event with a personalized bench, memorial or plaque.
    • Address Stones. We work with Cleveland homebuilders and homeowners to create made-to-order address stones for single homes or entire developments.
    • Historic Statue Restoration. Using our expertise and professional machinery, we can restore community memorials to their original beautiful state.
    • General Commercial Contracting. As general commercial contractors, we can coordinate the architecture, stoneworking, construction, installation, landscaping, and hardscaping to complete projects for communities and businesses. 
    • Historic Preservation. Milano Stone & Restoration partners with neighboring cities to professionally clean, relocate, and restore monuments and memorials to their original condition.
    • Custom Countertops and Surfaces. Backed by 50+ years of quality stone expertise, our team uses only the finest materials, sourced by trusted providers, to produce custom stone countertops.

    What types of clients does Milano Stone & Restoration normally work with?

    Our skilled workers and unique equipment make us the ideal partner for:

    • Schools and Universities
    • Hospitals
    • Churches
    • Commercial and Government Buildings
    • Community Parks
    • Homebuilders and Homeowners

    What are some examples of projects that Milano Stone & Restoration specializes in?

    Below are some examples of projects that Milano Stone & Restoration has done in the past or is capable of completing in the future:

    • Restoring full cemeteries to original condition.
    • Relocating and restoring large statues.
    • Creating and installing granite and other natural stone address stones for homebuilders.
    • Providing granite or bronze plaques and signs for communities and school memorials.
    • Restoring large granite signage.
    • Creating and installing custom dedication memorials for communities.
    • Coordinating large landscaping projects with our general commercial contracting services.
    • Restoring the historic beauty of city memorials, monuments and other landmarks.

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    What are some examples of projects that Milano Stone & Restoration does not specialize in?

    While we are happy to accommodate most project requests, please note that the following types of projects are not what we specialize in:

    • Refinishing dining tables.
    • Fixing or refurbishing broken lamps or other residential pieces of furniture.
    • Repolishing any type of table.
    • Concrete repairs.
    • Failed masonry brick work or block repair.

    What is the difference between Milano Stone & Restoration and Milano Monuments?

    Milano Stone & Restoration is an extension of Milano Monuments. Milano Monuments is Northeast Ohio's preferred provider of personalized memorials, monuments, headstones, grave markers, mausoleums and more. Milano Monuments works with families to design and develop memorials that serve as lasting legacies of loved ones.

    Milano Stone & Restoration is a team of commercial stoneworking experts.


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    "We must extend a warm and grateful 'thank you.' Without the Milano family and their team, this project would still be in the work-in-progress stage. The professional manner and high interest the Milano Group showed toward our project was most instrumental in assuring its completion. Hats off to the Milano family, now considered friends.
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