How Do I Order a Monument?

While we can take some orders over the phone, we recommend a personal consultation at our store.

What Does a Memorial Cost?

The size, material, finish, lettering and cemetery fee are the key factors that determine the cost.

What Is A Cemetery Concierge?

We will be your own personal cemetery concierge and take care of all the arrangements.

How are Memorials Designed?

Monuments and markers are custom designed at our facility on Brookpark Road in Cleveland.

How Long Do Designs Take?

The process of designing markers and monuments varies between 1 and 6 months.

May I Pick Out My Own Stone?

Our customers are always welcome to peruse our inventory of granite and stones to choose their favorite.

May I Choose Any Color Stone?

The quarries we use provide us with many rich colors of granite stones for your selection.

Do I Need To Pay A Deposit?

We normally ask for a small good faith deposit and then get started designing your monument.

Can I Get A Scale Drawing?

Yes, prior to final engraving, we will provide you with a scale drawing for your approval.

What Are Etched Portraits?

You can personalize your memories with a hand etched portrait of your loved one.

May I Contact Jim Milano?

Absolutely. Jim Milano is more than happy to take your call or answer your email.

Are Flat or Upright Better?

Upright monuments offer more design and engraving options than flat markers.

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Milano Monuments offers superior quality and award-winning custom memorials, memorials, custom headstones, headstone memorials, cemetery grave markers, and upright memorials.   

All of our personalized and custom memorials are made on-premise with our experienced and compassionate staff which includes design consultants, custom memorial designers, graphic artists, and craftspeople. Please contact Milano Monuments for a custom memorial or headstone.

View our selection of custom memorials, custom headstones, custom monuments, cemetery grave markers, and upright monuments below. These memorial designs are some examples to demonstrate our superior quality and craftsmanship. Please contact Milano Monuments for a personalized memorial that preserves memories.

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