Flower Delivery Service

Milano Monuments offers a Cemetery Decoration and Delivery Service with unique arrangements for your family. We have been delivering flowers to memorials in the Cleveland area since 1969.  

Choose from a variety of arrangements: fresh or artificial flowers, wreaths or custom bouquets. To have flowers delivered to a headstone or memorial, please fill out the online form below.

Fresh Flower Bouquet (Including delivery from 1-20 miles)

          Small: $32.00

          Large: $60.00

Artificial Cross: $32.00 (Including delivery from 1-20 miles)

Artificial Heart: $40.00 (Including delivery from 1-20 miles)

Artificial Wreath: $55.00 (Including delivery from 1-20 miles)

Delivery Fee:  *Please allow 1 week advance notice before delivery date, (please call for expedited delivery at an additional fee.)

20+ miles= $5.00 extra

Items delivered to different sections in the same cemetery= additional $5.00 per section

By filling out this inquiry form, you are not making a purchase. Please expect one of our specialists to contact you within 24 hours of submitting your inquiry.