About Funeral Directors

While we take care of all your needs and arrangements with respect to your cemetery memorial--from its design and creation to the setting of the marker in a cemetery—it is the funeral director who takes care of your needs with respect to the funeral rites. There are a myriad of tasks and small details to attend to immediately following the death of a loved one. The funeral director will essentially “hold your hand” and lead you through this very difficult and emotional time. A funeral director’s functions include:

  • Planning and arranging the funeral ceremony
  • Taking care of all functions relating to embalming, burial, or cremation
  • Attending to the dressing and application of makeup on the deceased
  • Placement of the body in a casket

Like Milano Monuments, most funeral homes are family-owned and operated, in many cases for several generations. Funeral directors are licensed according to the rules and regulations of the state they operate in and have undergone a number of years of training and education.